Treatments by Age

A photo of a woman in her 30s.

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This is the time when we need to focus on protecting our skin and helping to support our skin elasticity as our collagen production begins to decline. Consistent resurfacing treatments like microneedling, chemical peels and hydrafacials will help stimulate our skin to continue to produce this key foundational protein. Products containing retinol and vitamin C are key to help promote repair from sun damaged skin.

A photo of a woman in her 40s.

Let us customize a plan to focus on your 40s

As we begin to see the soft lines of aging, Botox and fillers will begin to help address some of these telltale signs. By softening some of our most expressive muscles, we can begin the work of eliminating these lines permanently with treatments like RF microneedling, chemical peels and laser resurfacing. Consistent treatments can promote fine line reduction and increased collagen production. Vitamin C, retinols and sunscreen are staples in your skin care regimen.

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As our natural collagen production decreases, we begin to see volume loss both in the mid and lower face. “Jowls”, crepiness and hollowness are words we use to describe the changes we see in the mirror.
Volume replacement with dermal fillers or fat transfer are often great solutions to restore the fullness we saw in our younger years. Hyperstimulation of our collagen base with RF microneedling, laser resurfacing or skin tightening procedures are important to promote collagen production and preserve skin elasticity. Firming creams and creams with growth factors are integral in supporting the results from these treatments.

A photo of a woman in her 60s.

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From volume loss to loss of skin elasticity, this decade can bring significant changes in the structural support of our face and bodies. With an arsenal of tools including surgical and non-surgical options, we can find the right treatment path way to help restore natural results and a more youthful appearance. A regimen of resurfacing treatments for collagen restoration and great skincare products containing hyaluronic acid, retinol and growth factors will help to encourage collagen production and protect your skin.

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In our 70s, we may encounter noticeable transformations in the physical framework of our faces and bodies. The effects of volume loss and decreased skin elasticity become more prominent during this decade. However, there exists a diverse range of approaches, both surgical and non-surgical, that can serve as valuable tools in our pursuit of revitalization and a rejuvenated look. These treatments offer the potential to restore natural results, granting us a renewed sense of youthfulness.

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This is an important time to focus on developing a great skincare regimen. As you begin to build your skin’s foundation, this time is critical in focusing on products and treatments that help protect your youthful collagen and continue to build on that strong foundation. You are never too young to think about SPF, hydration and repair. Using retinol products and products containing hyaluronic acid (one of the most potent hydrators) will be crucial to developing beautiful skin. If you marry this with a consistent treatment regimen of facials, chemical peels or microneedling it will help boost the work you are doing topically.