Hair Restoration

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Rediscover Your Confidence

At Still Well Med Spa, our specialized hair restoration treatments use cutting-edge technology and personalized approaches to revitalize your hair and boost your self-confidence. Whether you’re seeking to regrow thinning hair or address balding, our skilled team is dedicated to helping you achieve natural, long-lasting results.

Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration with PRP and Purified Amniotic Fluid

Welcome to Still Well Med Spa, where we offer innovative and effective hair restoration services using the power of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Purified Amniotic Fluid. Our cutting-edge treatments are designed to help you reclaim the lustrous, full head of hair you desire, with natural and long-lasting results.

Why Choose PRP and Purified Amniotic Fluid for Hair Restoration?

At Still Well Med Spa, we understand that hair loss can be a distressing experience, impacting your self-esteem and confidence. Our hair restoration services with PRP and purified amniotic fluid are non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures that harness the regenerative power of your body’s own growth factors and stem cells to stimulate hair growth. Here’s why our clients love this approach:

1. Safe and Natural: PRP and purified amniotic fluid are derived from your blood and placental tissues, respectively, ensuring that no synthetic or harmful substances are used in the process. This makes our treatments safe and minimizes the risk of adverse reactions.

2. Promotes Hair Growth: PRP contains concentrated platelets that release growth factors, stimulating hair follicles to promote hair growth and thickness. Purified amniotic fluid further enhances the process with its rich source of regenerative cells.

3. Quick and Painless: Our hair restoration treatments are performed in a comfortable spa setting and typically take only a short amount of time, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately afterward.

4. No Downtime: Unlike surgical hair restoration methods, our PRP and purified amniotic fluid treatments do not require any downtime or recovery period, allowing you to get back to your regular routine without interruption.

What to Expect During Your Hair Restoration Journey

1. Consultation: Your hair restoration journey begins with a one-on-one consultation with our experienced specialists. During this comprehensive assessment, we will discuss your hair loss concerns, medical history, and aesthetic goals to determine if PRP and purified amniotic fluid treatments are right for you.

2. Personalized Treatment Plan: Based on your individual needs, we will design a personalized treatment plan that includes the number of sessions required for optimal results.

3. The Treatment Process: On the day of your procedure, we will draw a small amount of your blood to prepare the PRP. Simultaneously, we will procure purified amniotic fluid from our trusted sources. Both substances will be expertly injected into your scalp using specialized techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness.

4. Follow-up Care: After your treatment, our team will provide you with post-procedure instructions to ensure proper care and to optimize the outcome of the treatment.

Achieve Fuller, Thicker Hair with Still Well Med Spa

Hair Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrated solution of platelets and growth factors derived from your own blood. When injected into the scalp, PRP stimulates hair follicles, promoting natural hair growth, increasing hair thickness, and slowing down hair loss.

Purified amniotic fluid is obtained from the placenta and is rich in regenerative cells. When used in conjunction with PRP, purified amniotic fluid enhances the regenerative effects, providing additional support for hair follicles and boosting the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Yes, hair restoration with PRP and purified amniotic fluid is considered safe. Since both substances are derived from your own body or ethically sourced placental tissues, there is minimal risk of adverse reactions or allergic responses. It is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure with a low chance of complications.

The number of treatment sessions required may vary depending on individual factors, such as the extent of hair loss and the desired outcome. Typically, patients undergo a series of treatments spaced a few weeks apart to achieve optimal results. Our experienced specialists will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs during the initial consultation.

One of the significant advantages of this non-surgical hair restoration method is that there is little to no downtime. Patients can usually resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure. However, it is essential to follow any post-treatment instructions provided by our experts to ensure the best possible results and minimize potential side effects.

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Say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to a revitalized, confident version of yourself with our hair restoration services featuring PRP and purified amniotic fluid. At Still Well Med Spa, we are committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals with safe and effective treatments. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a happier, more confident you!

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