At Still Well Med Spa in Staten Island, NY, you can turn back the appearance of time with Botox®, the world’s most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Botox is FDA-approved to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscles in these areas. Botox is an extremely effective way to achieve a younger, fresher look with ease! 


BOTOX® is a cosmetic injectable designed to reduce moderate to severe expression lines on the upper half of the face. This injectable provides a solution for expression lines but can also help prevent the lines caused by natural facial movements from worsening.

Upon injection, this neuromodulator works by relaxing the muscles that ultimately cause the formation of expression lines, and as a result, you’ll look more like your younger self again.


BOTOX® provides a cosmetic solution for the most common lines and wrinkles that form on the upper half of the face. It can smooth crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines. It also can treat the symptoms of certain medical conditions causing discomfort or affecting the quality of life.

Treating Medical Conditions With BOTOX®

If you have hyperhidrosis, TMJ pain, or migraines, you may be a candidate for a treatment plan with BOTOX® to resolve these symptoms. Hyperhidrosis causes excessive sweating, typically from the armpits, but it can also affect the hands and feet. Injections into areas surrounding the sweat glands can block the release of sweat and, in doing so, temporarily resolve this condition and improve quality of life.

Likewise, we can use  BOTOX® for both TMJ pain and migraine relief. Injections into the different jaw muscles will relax them, easing the tension that is often attributed to the pain stemming from TMJ. Injections into different areas of the head and neck muscles can block pain signals causing migraine pain and provide significant yet temporary relief. It also provides an effective solution for those suffering from neck spasms.

When Will I See My Results?

Most patients notice results within the first week of treatment. For some, results appear sooner; for others, it can take up to a week. As the active ingredient works to relax your muscles, you’ll see continued improvements in the appearance of your skin and expression lines over the first 30 days.

How Long Will My Results Last?

When you use BOTOX® to treat medical conditions, the length of results will vary. If you’re interested in using this injectable for migraine pain, hyperhidrosis, TMJ pain, or neck spasms, we can discuss your treatment goals and provide you with more information about what type of results you can expect at your initial consultation.

If you use this injectable to treat expression lines, you can expect your results to last approximately three to four months. Follow-up treatments are key for those who want to maintain consistent and long-lasting results.

BOTOX® Frequently Asked Questions

Botox can help anyone, typically between the ages of 25 and 65, who are concerned about the appearance of lines and wrinkles around their eyes or on their forehead.

With the skill of our expert injectors, no one should be able to tell you’ve had Botox. This treatment simply relaxes the muscles underlying your wrinkles — it does not alter the surface of your skin or the shape of your face. Our highly skilled injectors are trained to administer Botox in a way that reveals only the most flattering and natural-looking results.

A very fine needle is used, to minimize any discomfort during treatment. Most patients experience a pinching sensation that lasts only a moment, as long as each injection.

There is no downtime after Botox. Most patients return to their daily schedules after treatment. As is the case with any injection, there is some risk of swelling at the injection site, but this usually subsides quickly after treatment. Other possible side effects include bruising and pinpoint bleeding, which also resolve on their own. We do recommend that you avoid exercise, heavy lifting or massaging the injected area for one day after treatment.

You can expect to see your Botox results in four to seven days after treatment. Results typically last three to four months, but can last longer, depending on your unique response to treatment and your dosage.

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If you are ready to smooth away your expression lines and achieve younger-looking skin or treat the symptoms of those medical conditions that negatively interfere with the quality of your life, we can design a treatment plan using BOTOX® to help meet your unique needs. Our experts can give you more information about these treatments, what you can expect, and determine if you are a good candidate.

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