PDO Thread Lift Vs. Liquid Facelift

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Need a lift but not up for surgery? It’s time to discover the age-defying benefits of a non-surgical facelift in Staten Island at Still Well by Dr. Stilwell. We are proud to offer two leading options for lifting and smoothing skin on the face and neck without surgery: PDO Thread Lift and Liquid Facelift. Are you wondering which treatment is right for you?

Here’s a breakdown of the similarities and differences between a PDO Thread Lift and Liquid Facelift:

The strategy behind a Liquid Facelift

As the face ages, it loses collagen, elasticity, fat and volume, resulting in thinner skin that is prone to laxity, sagging, crepiness and wrinkles. In the early stages of aging (40+), this volume loss can be easily restored with dermal fillers, a smooth gel that immediately plumps up the skin. A Liquid Facelift uses a combination of fillers to help restore lost volume and smooth lines and wrinkles on the face. Injected into precise areas, fillers can help lift and smooth skin. For example, injecting Voluma® into the cheeks helps fill out sunken cheeks while also lifting the skin below, diminishing nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Injecting fillers in the jawline can also help to better define a receding chin, restoring volume while also lifting the skin of the chin and neck. It’s essentially a domino effect!

A Liquid Facelift is ideal for mild to moderate skin laxity resulting primarily from volume loss. It can immediately improve the appearance of:

·       Marionette lines

·       Nasolabial folds

·       Crow’s feet

·       Brow furrows

·       Thinning lips

·       Chin wrinkles

·       Receding jawline/slightly sagging chin

The strategy behind a PDO Thread Lift

Once the signs of aging advance a bit, adding more filler may not always be the best solution. This is because there is such a thing as too much filler! Too much filler can often make a person appear bloated and unnatural. It can distort natural anatomy and look unflattering. When a person starts to notice more significant sagging and crepiness, we often turn their attention to a PDO Thread Lift. A PDO Thread Lift uses fully biodegradable surgical threads to literally lift the skin and pull it tight, smoothing targeted lines and wrinkles, lifting cheeks and a sagging brow and smoothing crepey neck skin. Note that thread lift does not involve adding more volume under the skin. It’s simply acting as a scaffolding to provide more structure and lift to the face and neck.

A PDO Thread Lift is well suited for moderate to severe skin laxity. It literally lifts the skin from within by providing a scaffolding-type of support structure, dramatically improving the look of:

·       Jowls

·       Turkey neck

·       Crepey neck skin

·       Deep lines and wrinkles

·       Sunken cheeks

·       Drooping brow

The strategy behind a combination treatment

Oftentimes, a person can benefit from a combination of fillers and threads. Sometimes, you need a bit of both, some replenished volume with fillers and a more substantial lift with threads. We will work closely with you during your visit to determine which treatment or combination of treatments serves you best, paying careful attention to your unique facial structure and concerns.

Ultimately, our job is to give you your best possible results, it’s truly our passion and privilege to do so! To learn more about PDO Thread Lift or the Liquid Facelift, give us a call at 718-448-6373 today. See you soon!


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