BBL® HERO™ or MOXI®: Which is Best for You? Staten Island, NY

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Still Well by Dr. Stilwell is thrilled to announce we’re offering two new laser skin rejuvenation services — BBL HERO and MOXI, both of which offer age-defying improvements that can help you reclaim your glow! By restoring your skin from within using laser energy, we can treat a number of skin concerns with minimal downtime, leaving you refreshed and renewed.

Let’s explore these state-of-the-art laser treatments:

What is BBL HERO?

BBL HERO, which stands for High Energy Rapid Output, is the most advanced photofacial technology, designed to treat even the most stubborn pigmentation and complexion concerns. BBL HERO uses a bright beam of broadband light to target unwanted sun damage, redness and other bothersome skin conditions while stimulating your body’s natural healing response, spurring new growth of collagen and elastin. While other BBL treatments are limited to the face, BBL HERO can treat larger areas of the body, like the back, arms and legs, in addition to the face.

BBL HERO is ideal for treating:

● Age spots

● Sunspots

● Fine lines and wrinkles

● Redness

● Pigmentation concerns

● Dullness

● Loss of firmness

What is MOXI?

MOXI is a gentle, yet effective laser treatment widely known for its “prejuvenation” effects. Designed to treat all skin types, MOXI can help correct and prevent early signs of sun damage and aging. By creating controlled damage to skin cells, MOXI can stimulate the body’s natural healing response to create and fortify new, healthy skin cells, leaving your skin replenished and refreshed. You may choose to incorporate this gentle treatment into your regular skin maintenance routine to keep your skin looking flawless for the long term.

MOXI is ideal for treating:

● Light sun damage

● Skin texture and tone

● Early signs of aging

● Uneven pigmentation

Which laser skin treatment is best for me?

Everyone has their own unique skin care goals, so it’s important to consider your own aesthetic needs when deciding on a laser rejuvenation treatment. Here are some key differences between the two:

● BBL HERO can treat more intense aesthetic concerns, such as loss of firmness and larger pigmentation irregularities, on areas of the body including the face, back and chest.

● MOXI, on the other hand, is a much gentler treatment that can tackle smaller areas of concern on the face, like light sun damage or minimal signs of aging.

● A MOXI treatment takes up to 30 minutes.

● BBL HERO only takes two to five minutes per treatment area.

● After a MOXI treatment, you cannot wear makeup for 24 hours.

● With BBL HERO, you can reapply makeup immediately following your treatment.

Both treatments boast minimal downtime following treatment, with temporary redness being the most common side effect.

Recover your youthful glow today with the help of our advanced laser treatment options! Get started by calling 303.327.7300 today. See you soon!


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