March Into Your Best Self: 3 Wellness Strategies for Springtime Staten Island, NY

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Spring is a great time to refocus on self-care. After a long, cold winter, spring is a fresh start for feeling good and treating yourself the way you deserve. To help you march into your most radiant self, here are three wellness strategies for jumpstarting your spring cleaning:

Strategy #1: Catch your zzz’s.

It’s an obvious one but getting enough sleep every night is vital to a healthy life. Sleep helps every aspect of your health, improves your complexion and even slows aging. To help you get more sleep, go to bed and get up at the same time each day. Your body loves consistency. Once you get into this rhythm, you’ll find falling asleep and waking up a much easier process. To really get into the mindset of falling asleep, keep your bedroom quiet, dark and at a comfortable temperature. Bright lights and noises can be disruptive to sleep, so remember to put away all electronic devices at least one hour before you plan to hit the hay. You can even prepare for sleep during the day by staying active and going outdoors — sunlight is a crucial element to maintaining healthy sleep cycles. However you plan to help get good quality, regular sleep, you’ll be doing your health a huge favor!

Strategy #2: Get your body moving.

If you’ve let your New Year’s resolution to exercise more slip by, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to get back on track. With warmer weather rolling in, spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the outdoors. Even a 10-minute walk down the street is a great way to get in your daily dose of physical activity. Every bit counts when it comes to exercise, so start slowly and build yourself up. Just getting outside every day and exposing yourself to sunlight can brighten your mood, reduce stress and improve your wellbeing. And when you are basking in sunlight, remember to keep your skin protected by applying sunscreen daily and keeping your body hydrated with plenty of water.

Strategy #3:

Schedule self-care time with the Still Well team! Why is self-care so important for your health? Because it can benefit every aspect of your well-being, including your physical, mental and emotional health. Self-care can help you manage stress, lower your risk of disease and increase your energy. You can find self-care in many places, but one that we love is with alternative medicine therapies and cutting-edge treatments at Still Well by Dr. Stilwell. If you’ve been searching for ways to reduce pain, speed healing, boost energy or all the above, you’re in the right place. We offer a full menu of trusted alternative therapies, including acupuncture, IV therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), pharmaceutical-grade CBD from hemp, cellular therapy and much more. During your personal consultation, we will tailor our proven solutions to your exact needs, getting you on the path toward optimal wellness.

Get back to doing what you love and treat yourself to self-care this spring with Still Well by Dr. Stilwell! Call us at 718-448-6373. See you soon!


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