Pucker Up! Get Kissable Lips with Juvéderm Fillers Staten Island, NY

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Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and while romantic gestures with a special someone are always wonderful, we think one of the best ways to celebrate the day is to invest some love and self-care in yourself! Now is the perfect time to experience kissable, fuller lips with dermal fillers. Still Well by Dr. Stilwell proudly carries the Juvéderm® family of dermal fillers to plump up the volume and refresh your look within a matter of minutes.

Here’s a closer look at how we use fillers to perfect beautiful kissers without the hassle or downtime of surgery:


How do dermal fillers work?

We love FDA-approved dermal fillers because they are long-lasting and require minimal to no downtime. Juvéderm fillers are made of smooth gel packed with a modified form of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a naturally occurring molecule in your body that helps to plump and moisturize the skin, perfect for maintaining hydration and a youthful glow. The HA gel is gently and strategically injected into the targeted areas of the face where volume is needed, such as the cheek area and lips. You will immediately notice a lifting effect — sunken areas will plump up and lines and wrinkles will smooth away in just minutes! We carry Juvéderm Voluma® XC, Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC and Juvéderm Ultra XC, all of which are formulated to treat different areas of the face in different ways.



Which filler is formulated for lip enhancement?

Filler doesn’t have to mean huge, overdone lips. We administer Juvéderm Ultra XC to balance your existing lip shape or enhance your lip size. Ultra XC is an HA-based filler formulated for increasing lip fullness and rejuvenating the mouth area. Ultra XC treats laugh lines or smile lines along the sides of your mouth as well as lip augmentation. Like with other Juvéderm fillers, noticeable differences are immediate, and you can resume your daily routine directly following treatment. But we do recommend, in the first 24 hours after your injectables session, that you avoid strenuous exercise and sun exposure to reduce the risk of further redness, swelling or itching that may occur at the site of injection.



How long will my kissable lips last?

Your gorgeous, full lips will last well past the day of love — Ultra XC can provide up to 12 months of benefits! Our other HA-based fillers are also proven to last between six months and one year. To maintain your desired results, you will need follow-up treatments as recommended. We will discuss your ideal treatment plan during your personal consultation.


Love your lips this Valentine’s Day and beyond with the help of our dedicated and skilled injectors! To learn more and get started, please call us at 718-448-6373.


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