The Best You Can Be in 2023! Staten Island, NY

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Happy New Year! Are you ready to start your resolutions off on the right foot? Becoming the best you can possibly be in the year ahead may require some extra help, which is where we come in! At Still Well by Dr. Stilwell, we’re eager to help you realize your full potential, whether that’s enhancing your sexual wellness, taking your skin care to the next level or boosting your total body confidence.

Over the past few years, we’ve expanded our menu of medspa services, adding treatments that target all aspects of your inner and outer beauty. Here’s a look at just some of the ways we can help you reach your goals in 2023:

The O-Shot® and P-Shot®

Put your sexual health first and reignite your passion with The O-Shot or P-Shot, two clinically proven, state-of-the-art sexual wellness treatments. O-Shot and P-Shot use a concentrated healing portion of your blood, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), to stimulate revitalization in the clitoris or penis. (To obtain PRP/PRF, we will safely draw a small portion of your blood and prepare it in a special centrifuge.) Both O-Shot and P-Shot increase blood flow and sensation in your target area, helping to boost arousal, intensify orgasms, strengthen erections, lengthen the duration of erections, enhance overall sexual satisfaction and improve bladder leakage for women without downtime. Since O-Shot and P-Shot are all-natural PRP/PRF injections, there is little to no risk of any side effects or allergies. Both O-Shot and P-Shot should start taking effect within the days following your treatment.

Vampire Facial® and Vampire Facelift®

Another way we administer PRP/PRF to provide cellular revitalization and enhanced aesthetic results is with the Vampire Facial and Vampire Facelift, two all-natural anti-aging treatments. A Vampire Facial involves microneedling your treatment area while applying PRF topically. Microneedling creates tiny treatment channels which work to deeply absorb your PRF while also acting synergistically to spur cellular renewal in your skin. During a Vampire Facelift, PRF is injected into specific areas of your face to help replenish lost volume, boost blood flow and stimulate healing from within. Vampire Facial/Facelift can help improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, pores, skin texture, dullness, acne scars, stretch marks, sun damage and much more. Depending on your treatment, you may experience a few days of swelling, slight redness or pinpoint bleeding. These are all signs that your skin is renewing itself and will subside naturally in the days following your treatment.


If you’re already thinking about shaping your ideal summer body, it’s time to discover two FDA-cleared body sculpting treatments from BTL Aesthetics: EMSCULPT NEO and EMTONE.

Advancements in body contouring technologies have made it possible to trim and tone without invasive measures or downtime. Specifically, EMSCULPT NEO can help you burn fat and build muscle simultaneously using high-intensity electromagnetic and radiofrequency (RF) energy, while EMTONE combines RF and targeted pressure energy to treat all major contributing factors to cellulite. Because we are committed to helping you achieve your best body, ask us about adding EMTONE to your EMSCULPT NEO treatment regimen. With a combination treatment, you can trim your love handles, sculpt your calves and reveal smoother, healthier-looking skin all within a few sessions.

It’s time to make your resolutions a reality! Give us a call at 718-448-6373 today. See you soon!


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